Intensive English Language Institute

IELI Classes

Our ESL classes are taught by a professional faculty with advanced degrees.
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Language Skill Classes

For students enrolled in the regular IELI Program, the Institute provides ESL classes that seek to develop the four main language skills—reading, writing, listening and speaking—while practicing  grammar in context:


Academic Reading and Composition:

Students improve their ability to read academic English and learn new vocabulary from context.

Students also learn how to write sentences, paragraphs, and essays that are appropriate for

academic study.

Classroom Listening and Speaking:

Students improve listening and speaking skills through directed listening, in-class discussions,

and prepared presentations.

Contemporary Conversation:

Students improve fluency and pronunciation in a conversation course centered on

contemporary topics.

Language Focus:

Students review grammar concepts, vocabulary, phrasal verbs, and idiomatic phrases.

You may choose to attend one, two, three, or all four of the classes listed above.

**Please note, if you are attending classes on a student visa, you are required to take all of the classes.**


Class Times

Academic Reading and Composition and Classroom Listening and Speaking are 90 minutes in length, and are held Monday through Friday, 8:45-10:15, and 10:30-12:00. Contemporary Conversation and Language Focus are 60 minutes in length, and are held on alternating days,  Monday through Friday, 1:10-2:10.