Phonathon plays a major role in Midwestern State University's fundraising efforts. Student callers reach out to alumni, and parents of MSU four nights a week.

The Phonathon is committed to:

  • building and maintaining relationships with constituents
  • creating new donors and reactivating previous donors
  • updating constituent information so alumni,  and parents can stay connected to the university
  • relaying news and updates about MSU to constituents
  • thanking and informing donors of the significance their donations have had at MSU
  • repeatedly informing alumni, and parents how easy it is to donate and support any area of MSU.

In August 2012, there were 10 to 12 student callers participating in Phonathon. Many majors and emphases are represented among student callers, from nursing to psychology, from radiation to education. Student callers are also involved in various clubs and organizations on campus.