Member Benefits

Join Now! As an alumni member, our goals include:

  • Increase scholarship funds
  • Assist in student recruitment to MSU
  • Increase membership to the MSU Alumni Association
  • Make needs of MSU known to state legislators

Use of Moffett Library
     Use and check-out of materials

Career Search!

     The MSU Career Management Center will assist with career search needs.
     Call (940)397-4473 or

     Artist Lecture Series tickets
     Some Continuing Education courses 
     Sporting events (general admission)
     MSU Wellness Center (annual fee)

MSU Bookstore
     10% off all MSU imprinted items

      Influenza shots at MSU Vinson Health Center (minimal cost)

     Resource to contact classmates

MSU Credit Union
     Graduates or life members of the Association are eligible to join