Students admitted to MSU are automatically considered for our general merit scholarships. These scholarships  range from $500 to $2500, per academic year, for students who qualify. For incoming freshman students, award consideration is based on SAT/ACT entrance exam scores. For transfer students, award consideration is based on honor societies and overall GPA. Incoming freshmen and transfer students should apply and be accepted to MSU by April 1st for consideration of these awards.  For additional information regarding MSU scholarships, please contact MSU Admissions at:(940) 397-4334, (800) 842-1922, or

Scholarship Opportunities through MSU Admissions:

More Scholarship Opportunities at MSU:

Information regarding athletic scholarships can be obtained from the Head Coach of the particular sport.

For list of more scholarship opportunities, students should seek information about applications and deadlines through the academic departments, Financial Aid, and University Donor Services.

Helpful Scholarship Websites:

Unfortunately, many students and families have encountered scholarship "scams". Please use caution when applying for scholarships! Scholarship Scams!