Study Abroad


How will you know if you don't go?!?

Students make the decision to attend a university for a variety of reasons; economics, exciting new challenges, the opportunity to study a chosen field of interest, and, hopefully, achieving a career providing a rewarding lifestyle. These changes include expanding your world view.

In what may be the only opportunity for most to see the larger world, students often decide to study abroad. Midwestern State University offers students in all disciplines the opportunity to take advantage of academically based programs in central America, France, Spain, and London. Language based programs in Spain and France are available during summer I while semester long programs in both Spain and France offer an expanded curriculum. The program in London during summer II offers numerous classes in a variety of academic disciplines. Students interested in the sciences can participate in a short course in central America focusing on biology, botany and environmental science. Scholarships and financial aid are available for all programs.

Now is the time to seize the opportunity to see some of the world you have only dreamed about. The experience of study abroad will be beneficial now and for your future and all students are urged to consider this unique opportunity while they attend the university. For more information on these programs examine our ever expanding web site or contact Dr. Michael Mills or Mrs. Dena Hardin at Bea Wood#104 or phone 940-397-4038 or ext. 4590.

This program applies to all students who wish to participate who may not be a language major or minor. This program will substitute for Elective for Humanities credit.


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