Advising Process in the MAC


Most first year students will be seen in the Mustangs Advising Center (The MAC) or in a professional college. After the first year, you will be advised by your major department.


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Current Students

Continuing students, who have not yet been transitioned to their major department, will make an appointment to see a MAC Academic Advisor. Come in during early advising to get a head start. You can schedule an appointment by calling 940-397-4684.

Once your Academic Advisor has approved your classes, you will be given an advisor approved schedule with a list of approved recommended classes to take for the semester you will be attending.

New Students

    1. Use the New Student Advising Checklist.

    2. Early MAC Advising: Take advantage of early advising and registration!

Early advising typically begins in early April. Don’t wait till the last minute to start thinking about your fall semester. It’s always easier to stay on track if you plan ahead! As a new student, there are three ways you can be advised for the fall semester

Individual Advising Appointment at MSU
This is your best option. When you set up an appointment to meet with your MAC Advisor, you have a chance to talk one on one with your Academic Advisor. You can ask the questions you have about your program, find out what classes you need for your major/program, and what to expect from your first year.

 Advantages of individual advising
   -  Individualized attention - questions can be answered in a one-on-one setting.
   -  Get to know your Academic Advisor - this MSU connection can lead to academic success.
   -  Relaxed atmosphere -Questions answered in a no pressure, no stress environment
   -  The earlier advised, the earlier you can register for your classes - who wouldn't want that!

On-Line Advising in the MAC
Online advising is an option for those with extenuating circumstances. Please contact the MAC office at 940-397-4684 and ask to speak with a MAC Advisor or email the MAC at

Advising during Spirit Days/Orientation
Although advising during Spirit Days/Orientation is available, advising is done on a group basis during a set time. This is not considered early Advising.


Once you have an Approved Recommended Schedule, you are responsible for enrolling in your classes online, using WebWorld. Exceptions: Students with TSI holds or overrides will need to register in person at the Mustangs Advising Center in McCullough Hall.

How to Register:
·   Before registering for classes, the Meningitis vaccination requirement must be completed
·   WebWorld Instructions