MSU hosted a tremendously successful WTHA conference this year.  Visit the WTHA web site for the conference program.



Tau Gamma Chapter of PHI ALPHA THETA is hosting the regional conference this year on the campus of Midwestern State University.  Information details will be forth coming.



To Begin With -

Many history majors are preparing to teach in either the public schools or college. The Midwestern State University Department of History offers a broad range of courses designed to prepare students to meet the demanding challenges of a career in elementary or secondary teaching, or to pursue graduate studies leading to a career at the college or university level.

For Those Who Do Not Want to Teach -

The study of history offers a wide variety of options. Many of our students go into such fields as journalism, museum work, library work, or the business world. Companies often recruit liberal arts graduates who have an education providing them with a rich and varied background and who demonstrate skills in written and oral communication and the organization and synthesizing of complex information. There is no better field of study than history to sharpen these skills.

Remember That Government Is The Biggest Employer Of All -

Do not overlook the opportunities in federal, state, or local government. Many history majors have gone into such fields as city management, local, county, or state archival administration, or the United States Foreign Service. For careers in these fields, a history major combined with a broad based liberal education provides an excellent background.

There Is Also The Law -

The study of history can be useful in preparing for the law, and a considerable number of Midwestern State University students have gone on to major law schools and distinguished careers. Currently there are several Midwestern graduates serving as district attorneys or judges throughout the state, and there are many attorneys in private practice who began their education with us.

A Final Note -

Another thing you can do with your history major is - simply enjoy it. Whether you choose a future as a teacher, professor, business person, lawyer, judge, or librarian, an interest and an understanding of the world around you - past and present - is essential. It can make you not only a more interested, but a more interesting person; one who is more aware as a citizen and more effective as a participant in our complex and fast moving society.

Courses and Programs -

Midwestern State University offers courses and programs in American, European, Latin American, British, Russian, and Middle East History. The advanced classes are usually small, and the faculty works closely with students - often on an individual basis. This policy allows us to prepare our students effectively not only in the discipline of history, but to improve on their weaknesses and hone their strengths as well.

Honor Society -

We have a very active chapter of Phi Alpha Theta - the National History Honor Society, Inc. It is open to any student with an interest in history who meets the qualifications. Membership in Phi Alpha Theta provides recognition of academic excellence, affords the opportunity for professional growth, and provides affiliation and participation in chapter, regional, and national activities. Midwestern State University*s Tau Gamma chapter, founded in 1972, has won a National Best chapter Award every year since 1986.

Scholarships -

Scholarships are generally awarded for academic achievement, special abilities, ACT or SAT scores, and upon other criteria as defined by specific scholarship programs. Many scholarships are available in addition to special fellowships which include the Floyd F. Ewing, the Merle Anthony, and the Forrest D. Monahan, Jr. awards.