Course Descriptions



Core Courses

5103 Health Service Administration

Examines the structure and functions of the American health care industry, the concepts and processes of health and illness, the institutional and individual providers of health services, and related concepts.


5113 Health Care Financial Management I                                                                                  3(3-0)

Prerequisite: Undergraduate statistics, economics or finance course.

A theoretical and practical study of organizations and functions of health care finance and financial management. Emphases are on institutional fiscal policies, accounting concepts, methods of strategically positioning health organizations,internal/external control and ethical considerations.

5123 Health Care Personnel                                                                                                           3(3-0)

Examination of the health care personnel/human resources and assessment of the alternative approaches for improving the productivity of medical and allied health care providers.  Emphasis is on health care provider productivity analysis and projection of human resource evaluation.


5133 Health Systems Analysis                                                                                                       3(3-0)

Prerequisite: Undergraduate statistics, economics or finance course.

Introduction to principles and methods employed in health evaluation within health organizations.  Focus will be on conceptualization, design, and operational procedures used in health program evaluation.


5143 Health Care Law and Bioethics                                                                                            3(3-0)

Examines the basic principles and practices of law affecting health facilities, medical practice, patient care and treatment, medical services and other health related functions relating to health employment law. Ethical issues relating to health care such as genetics, euthanasia and privacy will be examined. 


5153 Managed Care

A pragmatic examination of the theories for and uses of managed health in a complex society.  Managed Medicaid and Medicare are discussed as well as a special emphasis on financial contract negotiations.


Elective Courses (Required for MHA students)


5163 Health Administration Problems (Residency)                                                                  3(3-0)

Prerequisite: Admission by the professor.

A hands on worksite oriented assessment of an operating health organization.  A portfolio and oral examination is required for MHA students only.  For those taking it as an elective, 90 clock hours must be documented at an operating health organization unless waived by the professor.  MHA students must document 160 hours of contact time with their respective preceptor.  May be repeated.


5203 Health Care Marketing  and Microeconomics                                                                3(3-0)

A foundational approach to the theories, concepts, and techniques of marketing and microeconomics as applied to the health care services market. Emphasis is placed on the role of marketing and health facility/organization outcomes with patient needs.

5213 Capstone: Health Services Strategic Management                                                       3(3-0)

Integrated course that focuses on the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of strategy in health care organizations. Emphasizes concepts dealing with industry structure, the strategic management process, and achieving/implementing planned programs to sustain competitive advantage.


5223 Health Informatics                                                                                                                   3(3-0)

Examines the software and hardware components required for effective health care operations.  Both regulatory and procedural aspects of daily health operations are explored for those who use p.c. based and mainframe computer systems.


5233 Health Policy and Macroeconomics                                                                                   3(3-0)

Focuses on the current policy and future political ideology as they both impact care in health organizations. As economic drivers underlay many of the policy decisions in the US today both sociologic and economic frameworks will be used to present issues and discuss policy outcomes.

5253 Health Services Research                                                                                                     3(3-0)

Prerequisite: HSAD 5133.

A seminar on the current knowledge and research issues within specialized areas of health. An emphasis on the organizing, planning, and implementing of research results is used.  Basic statistical techniques will also be reviewed.


5273 Health Care Ethics                                                                                                                   3(3-0)

Examines the ethical issues when providing healthcare in a complex culture.  Morals and ethics are assessed with a framework of six domains: decision-making, professionalism, clinical, business, organizational, and social.


5283 Health Care Financial Management II                                                                                  3(3-0)

Prerequisite: 5113 or approval of the instructor

An advanced healthcare financial management course building on the skills learned in 5113.

5293 Managerial Epidemiology and Biostatistics                                                                       3(3-0)
The course will focus on the principles and practices of monitoring disease status and control as they relate to healthcare management. It will emphasize the use of epidemiological methods and biostatical procedures, as a basis for sound management decision making. Core aspects of management will be emphasized in relationship to the critical evaluation of a communities’ and/or populations’ health

6003 Seminar in Health Services Administration

This is a course designed for those who seek new or current health services that are in revision.  Both on and off campus education may be used to fulfill course requisites.  May be repeated.

Graduate Seminar in Advanced Research                                                                       3(3-0)
Prerequisite: Must have completed at least 18 semester credit hours of core courses and completed HSAD 5253, or have permission of the instructor. The course focuses on defining a clear research question, effective literature reviews,and critically reviewing published research.