Student Handbook



1.1    Purpose of the Student Handbook and Clinic Manual              
1.2    Change of Address/Phone No. While in Program             
1.3    ADHA Code of Professional Ethics for the Dental Hygienist      
1.4    MSU Dental Hygiene Department Standard of Care /Patient Rights Policies
1.5    Discontinuation of Treatment Policy
1.6    Patient Health Information Security       
     1.6-2    Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (Articles)
     1.6-2    Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (Articles)
1.7    Complaints Relating to Compliance with Accreditation Standards

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2.0    Competencies for Entry into the Profession of Dental Hygiene              
2.1    Dental Hygiene Program Mission Statement and Goals                    
2.2    Role and Mission of The College of Health Sciences    
2.3    Technical Standards & Essentials Functions for the Dental Hygienist
2.4    Courses in Dental Hygiene                                
2.5    Dental Hygiene Grading/ Counseling / Probation Policies                    
2.6    Attendance Policy
2.7    CPR Certification Policy
2.8    Professionalism Protocol
2.9    Guidelines for Professional Appearance                   
2.10    Licensure Requirements
2.11    College of HSHS Student Conduct Appeals

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3.1    Policy Statements
     3.1-1    MSU Dental Hygiene Program Infection Control Policy Statement                 
     3.1-2    CDC Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-Care Settings (2003)
            CDC Guideline for Disinfection & Sterilization in Health care Facilities (2008)
     3.1-3    Dental Hygiene Department Bloodbourne Infectious Disease Policy
     3.1-4    MSU’s Policies and Procedures AIDS/HIV Infection

3.2       MSU Personal Protection Protocol
     3.2-1    Gloves / Masks / Eyewear /Clinic Attire                         
     3.2-2    Immunizations                                      
     3.2-3    Needle Recapping and Sharps Disposal     
     3.2-4    Clinical Exposure Protocol (HIV and/or Hepatitis Exposure)
     3.2-5    Post Exposure Consent for Exam & Testing Forms
     3.2-6    Post Exposure Report Form  
3.3    Disposal of Contaminated Wastes / Sharps                               
3.4    Chemical Hygiene Plan
3.5    Environment Surface and Equipment Cleaning & Disinfection      
     3.5-1    Surface Covers & Disinfection
     3.5-2    Unit Preparation for the First Patient of the Day                  
     3.5-3    Unit Clean-up Between Patients                          
     3.5-4    Unit Shut Down- Daily / Weekly / Monthly Processes
3.6    Instrument Preparation and Sterilization
     3.6-1    Instrument / IMS System (Cassettes) Preparation for Sterilization
     3.6-2    Biological Monitoring of Sterilizers
     3.6-3    Broken Instrument Tips

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4.1    Ionizing Radiation Policy            
4.2    Radiation Safety Protocol                                  
4.3    Infection Control in Radiology Areas                         
4.4    Procedures for Taking Radiographs
4.5    Radiograph Placement Criteria                         
4.6    Submission for Grading Documentation
4.7    Operation of the A/T2000 Film Processor                     

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5.0    Introduction & Table of Contents                                   
5.1    Medical Emergencies (Code Blue) Procedures                      
5.2    Laboratory Medical Emergencies (Code Blue) Procedures              
5.3    Requests for Medical / Dental Consult
5.4    ASA Physical Status Classifications                              
5.5    Management of Specific Medically Compromised Patients
     5.5-1    Recommendations for Prophylactic Antibiotics
                 & Patient Management Suggestions           
     5.5-2    Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and Human           
                 Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection                         
     5.5-3    Hepatitis                                                   
     5.5-4    Hypertension                                                
     5.5-5    Diabetes
     5.5-6    Cerebrovascular Accident                                              
     5.5-7    Seizure Disorders
     5.5-8    Anticoagulant Therapy                                           
     5.5-9    End Stage Renal Disorders- Hemodialysis
     5.5-10    Chemo & Radiation Therapy / Bisphosphonate Risk Clearance                     
     5.5-11    Blood Disorders -Hemophilia & Sickle Cell Disease                       
     5.5-12    Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s)                                  
     5.5-13    Organ Transplants
     5.5-14    Bisphosphonates   

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6.1    Appointment Times                                            
6.2    Clinical Protocol for Appointments                                     
6.3    Sequence of Student/Faculty Activities                                
6.4    Clinic Grading Scales           
6.5    Clinical Grade Sheet                                        
6.6    Student Clinical Progress Report Form (Class 3+/4)

6.7    Clinical Assistant/Receptionist Rotations
     6.7-1    Clinic Receptionist Rotation Objectives                            
     6.7-2    Clinical Receptionist Grade Sheet                        
     6.7-3    Clinical Assistant Rotation Objectives                                            
     6.7-4    Clinical Assistant Grade Sheet  

Section 6.1 through 6.7-4 download here



7.0    Performance Checks for Clinical Procedures – Introduction & Table of Contents
7.1    Health History Review
7.2    Vital Signs - Blood Pressure & Pulse
7.3    Extra-oral exam
7.4    Intra-oral exam
7.5    Clinical Practice I (Pre-clinic) Manual Instrumentation       
7.6    Coronal Polishing
7.7    Clinical Practice II Management of Class 2 Patient Treatment
7.8    Clinical Practice III & IV Management of Class 3-4 Patient Treatment
7.9    Alginate Impression
7.10    Diagnostic Models
7.11    Care of Removable Prosthesis
7.12    Ultrasonic Scaling
7.13    Pit and Fissure Sealant Application
7.14    Fluoride Treatments
7.15     OPEN
7.16    Preventive Counseling- Nutritional, Plaque Removal, Tobacco Cessation
7.17    Topical Anesthetic Application
7.18    Local Anesthetic Assistance
7.19    Prophy-Jet Air Polishing
7.20    Site-specific Antimicrobials
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APPENDIX     A    Air/Water Syringe AND Waterline Asepsis Procedure          

APPENDIX     B    Saliva Ejector/High Volume Suction                   

APPENDIX     C    Handpieces                          

APPENDIX     D    ADEC Decade Dental Chair/ Clinician’s Stool 

APPENDIX     E    Ultrasonic Instrument Cleaners                          

APPENDIX     F    Midmark Ultraclave Sterilizers               

APPENDIX     G    OPEN                   

APPENDIX     H    OPEN                       

APPENDIX     I    A/T 2000 Automatic Processors               

APPENDIX     J    Bobcat Ultrasonic Scaler        

APPENDIX    K    Prophy-Jet Air Polisher       

APPENDIX    L    Curing Lights                                 

APPENDIX    N    MSU Calculus Classifications                   

APPENDIX    O    AAP Periodontal Classifications / MSU Pocket Depth Classifications       

APPENDIX    P    Patient Paperwork    
            P-1    Application for Treatment & Release Form
            P-2    Medical History Forms
            P-3    Intra/Extraoral Inspection Forms
            P-4    Charting Forms
            P-5    Risk Assessment Form
            P-6    Treatment Plan & Informed Consent Form
            P-7    Treatment Summary
            P-8    Patient Referral Form
            P-9     Bisphosphonates Consent Form
            P-10     Insurance Form   
            P-11    Request for Dental/Medical Consult Form           


APPENDIX    R    Radiology Forms 

APPENDIX    S    Student Clinic Progress Form