Dental Hygiene Admission Criteria

(Using Current MSU Catalog)


Candidates must meet these basic requirements by April 1(deadline) to be considered for admission to the following fall’s entering class.


  1. Be eligible for admission to M.S.U.
  2. Submit a dental hygiene application and most recent transcripts (MSU students do not need to send your MSU transcripts)  depicting completed courses, as well as courses in progress, to the Dental Hygiene Department, along with a $25.00  application fee. Dental Hygiene applications can be downloaded from the MSU Dental Hygiene website.     
  3. Present a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater on BSDH core/prerequisite course work.
  4. Present a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater on BSDH core/prerequisite science course work.
  5. Provide documentation of work experience, or 80 hours of observation, in a dental office (see ranking computation). Documentation form is listed with the application form.
  6. Complete the Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test (HOBET V).  An average score of 63% or higher on the five scored areas (HOBET Reading & HOBET English and Language Usage), is required to have your application considered.

 A failed TEST may be taken only 2 times within a 6 month time frame and applicants must wait 2 weeks between each test. All passed tests will stand without repeating.

Contact MSU Testing Services:      940-397-4676. Only HOBET, no exceptions.


  1. Successfully complete the following courses prior to entering the dental hygiene program:

Dental Hygiene Science Prerequisites – (21 hours)

  • A&P I                                                          
  • A&P II                                               
  • Chemistry (Organic and BioChem)                
  • Nutrition
  • Microbiology                                                 
  • Math (College Level)



Academic Foundations & Core Curriculum   (36 hours + 2 Activity courses) (see MSU catalog for specific course numbers).    

  • Humanities (3 hours)                        
  • English (6 hours)                                 
  • Kinesiology – 2 activities                  
  • Fine Arts (3 hours)                              
  • Political Science (6 hours)                  
  • History (6 hours)                                 
  • Psychology (3 hours)                          
  • Sociology (3 hours)                              
  • Speech (3 hours)

Computer literacy by taking a proficiency test or earning credit for 1013, 1023, 1043, or EDUC 1023.

See the MSU on-line catalog for prerequisite course numbers and descriptions, Dental hygiene Progression Policies, Transfer Policies, additional requirements and dental hygiene course descriptions.



Since the number of applicants usually exceeds the number of students allowed for admission, all applicants

meeting the basic criteria will be awarded points for ranking purposes.  The Dental Hygiene Admissions Committee, composed of no less than three dental hygiene faculty members, will evaluate all applications and rank them according to the criteria point values listed below.  Applicants will be accepted into the program as ranked for admission and according to the number of clinical positions available in the Gaines Dental Hygiene Clinic (18).  Concerning cases with a tie score, the best science GPA will receive the higher ranking position.


RANKING COMPUTATION  - Effective August 2013

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