Music Theory & History

Music theory and aural skills courses are required for all music degrees at MSU. The required sequence of theory courses consists of Theory I – IV (MUSC 1603, 1613, 2603 and 2603), Sight Singing and Ear Training I and II (1601 and 1611), Analysis of Musical Form (MUSC 3632) and Orchestration (MUSC 3662). Composition (MUSC 3643) is offered as an additional elective for those interested in exploring that aspect of theory. Basic Music (MSUC 1503) is offered as a class in the basic elements of music theory, including reading of musical notation. Basic Music does not count toward the degree, but serves as a preparatory course for Theory I.

Theory I – IV covers the theory of music from the mid seventeenth to the twenty-first century, Analysis of Musical Form is the study of the formal processes of music, including part forms, sonata-allegro, and contrapuntal genres. Orchestration is the study of the techniques for writing for instrumental ensembles with emphasis on scoring for school ensembles.  

A music theory diagnostic exam is given during Spirit Days, Mustangs Rally, and at pre-registration. Results of the exam are used to determine placement in Theory I or Basic Music. For all incoming freshmen considering majoring in music a familiarity with the piano keyboard, the ability to read rhythm and pitch accurately, and the ability to read at least one musical clef (treble or Bass) fluently is strongly suggested.        

For theory preparation and online tutoring please visit our Favorite Links page for valuable resources.

Music history is the study of the history of Western art music from ancient times to the present and the study of the music of other cultures. At Midwestern State University the music history courses required for the degree are MUSC 2733 Introduction to Western and World Music, offered every fall semester, MUSC 3743 Western and World Music II, offered every spring semester,  and MUSC 3753 Western and World Music III offered every fall semester.

Theory & History Faculty:

Dr. Timothy Justus, Associate Professor of Music & Chairman of the Department of Music. Theory III and IV, Composition, Orchestration.

Dr. Ruth Morrow, Dolores P. Bolin and D. Phil and Aurora S. Bolin Chair of Piano, Professor of Music. Applied  piano and harpsichord, piano pedagogy, Keyboard Literature, Vocal and Instrumental accompanying, Keyboard Performance, Pedagogy of Music and Western and World Music I, II, and III.

Mr. Gary Lewis, Associate Professor of Music. Piano Classes, Music Appreciation and Basic Music.

Dr. Susan Harvey, Assistant Professor of Music, Private Trumpet and Horn Study, Music Education, Piano Class, Sight-Singing I & II.

Dr. Andrew Allen, Assistant Professor of Music, applied Woodwinds, Theory I and II

Dr. Martin Camacho, Dean of the Lamar D. Fain College of Fine Arts and Associate Professor of Music. Analysis of Musical Form.

For more information contact Dr. Timothy Justus

(940) 397-4502; Midwestern State University Department of Music 

3410 Taft Blvd., Wichita Falls, TX 76308-2099