Journalism Minor (18 Hours)

MCOM 3233

Prerequisite: MCOM 1243

Introduction and practice in reading copy and editing in a variety of formats.  Builds upon skills introduced in MCOM 1243.


MCOM 3253

Publication Design
Prerequisite: MCOM 1243
The use of layout and design principles to create eye-appealing and readable newspapers, magazines, newsletters, brochures, and flyers.  Theoretical and practical applications of graphics and electronic picture editing are incorporated into the course.


MCOM 3623

Mass Communication History
Prerequisite: MCOM 1233
Study of the development of mass communication beginning with early attempts at print media and continuing to present developments.  Emphasis on connecting events of their time with events of today and understanding developments within their political, social, economic, and cultural contexts.


MCOM 4163

Newspaper Practicum
Prerequisites: MCOM 1243; consent of instructor.
Writing for campus newspaper in a professional atmosphere.  May be repeated once for credit.


MCOM 4223

Computer Assisted Reporting
Prerequisites: MCOM 1243,3313
The use of computers, databases, and the Internet to develop meaningful and complex stories.  Emphasis is placed on finding raw data, interpreting it, organizing it, and writing stories for publication.  The course deals with critical thinking and the methodology of using computers as a journalistic tool.

MCOM 4533

Advanced Reporting/Writing
Prerequisites: MCOM 1243, 3313, and 3613
Advanced course designed to improve students' skills in writing and reporting for print, broadcast, and web applications.