MSU TV-2 Equipment Description

The studio features state-of-the-art editing equipment and software.  There are four separate AVID editing suites, one with AVID Adrenaline editing software, one featuring AVID Xpress, and two others featuring AVID Media Composer. 

The television studio has two industry-grade broadcast cameras, a news set, scoop lighting and non-traditional set lighting, a cityscape duratran and a teleprompter station.  The control center features a four bus Echolab switcher, 18 channel audio slider mixing board, brand Cayman Graphics CG software, and a two channel microphone allowing the producer to converse with the on-air talent.

There are eight cameras available to students during the semester.  Three are Sony Mini-cams and five are traditional Sony DV-CAMs, more on par with those used by professional videographers who shoot in the field for news stations.  Both cameras have their advantages and specific purposes for the student in the Mass Communication program.

Sony ECM microphones, traditional stick microphones, lighting equipment, tripods, audio cables, DV and mini-DV tapes and professional bags are all available for the students.  Everything needed to make a video production is provided by the university and the Mass Communication program.

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