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FALL 2009/SPRING 2010


Current Members of
Kappa Pi 
Honorary Art Fraternity

Soozie Amador
Marsha Hofbauer*
Kelley Hughes*
Brittany Hunt*
Jessica Johnson*
Loren Jones
Elliot King
Audra Lambert
Cody Mason*
Lauren Miller*
BriAnna Satterfield
Jason Spratley
Tyler Taliaferro
Ernestina Toral
Simon Welch*
Crystal Whittington
Mary Yehle*

* Graduating Members

 Newly Inducted Members

Kerri Carter
Felicia Davis
Maria Diaz
Kalie Edson
Jennifer Granberry
Laura Guinn
Lauren McDonald
Traci Moser*
Jillian Poole
Hannah Segura

* Graduating Members

FALL 2008/SPRING 2009


Current Members of
Kappa Pi 
Honorary Art Fraternity

Andrew Fosha*
Kaleigh Harner*
Kelley Hughes
Brittany Hunt
Ashley Lindsey
Loren Jones
Cody Mason
Lauren Miller
Marie Neudorf
Lindsay O'Neal*
Saschelle Palin*
BriAnna Satterfield
Hershel Self*
Tyler Taliaferro
Mary Yehle

* Graduating Members
 Newly Inducted Members Akuah Boateng
Marsha Hofbauer
Jordan Jacob*
Jessica Johnson
Elliot King
Audra Lambert
Jason Spratley
Ernestina Toral
Crystal Whittington

* Graduating Members



Since it's establishment in 1911 at the University of Kentucky, Kappa Pi has dedicated itself to providing a voluntary, non-profit base of support for art excellence through its active support of all Kappa Pi chapter's goals and objectives.

Kappa Pi strives to accomplish this goal in the following ways:

  • Promoting artistic excellence at the college level and beyond by maintaining high academic achievement.

  • Awarding many scholarships each year.

  • Awarding certificates, cards, jewelry, and honor cords along with two publications each year.

  • Awarding Honorary Memberships to deserving artists and those interested in the arts.

  • Publishing articles which encourage enlightenment and new horizons in two publications, The Sketch Book and The Sketch Pad each year.


The Kappa Pi coat of arms is a 3 part shield with dividers and a T-square which reminds members to conduct themselves on the same level and to have upright and dignified conduct. The top is red for courage and the bottom blue for friendship and loyalty. Around the shield is a white or silver border binding the members in a common bond-- art.

The shield stands for protection. The three divisions are the active chapter, the alumni, and the school affiliation.The dividers stand for equality and describe a true and complete circle-- fraternity friendship.

The upper left has the face of a sphinx. It reminds of the secret nature of human relations and that the secrets of art are only revealed to the study or guidance of the master. The upper right is a four leafed flower or quatrefoil. It stands for the spirit of fraternity, and the petals represent loyalty, honesty, enthusiasm, and sincerity. The bottom is a link chain fastened with a five pointed star at each end and chained with a lock. It symbolizes the connection of the wisdom of the past and the striving of the present. The lock signifies that the secrets of art are revealed only to him who it preserved.

In the center of the shield is a an Ionian column supporting a lamp of knowledge flamed. It stands for beauty and solidity, the lamp stands for the spirit of learning, and the flame typifies the classification of that spirit.

Above the shield, there is a crest with a torse (crest wreath) that signifies chivalry. On it is a pallet with three brushes. They are the working tools of the artist and show a respect for those tools. Around the torse is a mantling that reminds each member that art ornaments life, making it graceful, meaningful, and worthwhile.

The scroll ribbon beneath the shield carries the name of the organization, Kappa Pi, in upper and lowercase Greek letters.

Information courtesy of The Sketch Book 2003.


To become a member of Kappa Pi a student must have the following:

Minimum overall grade point average of 2.0

Overall art average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale)

Membership fees--  $25.00 initiation fee, 
                                    $10.00 yearly after initiation


Kappa Pi members are required to do one project a semester. In 2009 the students traveled to the new Wichita Falls ARC center to paint a mural depicting sea life in one of their rooms.