Master of Education in Educational Leadership


Our Educational Leadership program is available to distance students through web-based classes and blended classes with a video-conferencing component.  Students may begin the program in any semester; 36 hours are required for the master’s degree.  A capstone project will allow you to practice the process of impacting student learning.  The program will prepare candidates to take the state principal certification exam.  Two years of classroom teaching experience will be required to be eligible for principal certification.

For the Principal Certification Only program, the candidate must have a master’s in another field of study. The program coordinator or college dean will create an individualized degree plan based on courses taken and needed.

Courses required for Master of Education in Educational Leadership

Core Courses:

EDLE 5603 Intro to Leadership
EDLE 5623 School Law and Personnel
EDLE 5673 Leadership in School Change
EDLE 5593 Leadership and Communication Processes
EDLE 5643 School Business Management

*The ELCC Assessment of Content Knowledge test will be taken after the 5 core classes are completed, or during the time that the fifth class is being taken.  The student may not enroll in further coursework until the test has been taken.

Remaining Courses:

EDUC 5053 Intro to Ed Research
EDLE 5653 Building School Communities for Diverse Learners
EDLE 5663 Community Politics and Public Relations
EDLE 5583 Curricular Supervision for School Leaders
EDLE 5686 Instructional ImprovementStaff Development
EDUC 6753 Applied Ed Research
EDLE 5693 Internship in Ed Leadershp

Requirements for Admission

  • A bachelor's degree in a complimentary field of study.
  • Completion of GRE, including writing test (Admission status will be determined by GRE scores and GPA on last 60 hours of undergraduate coursework.)

How to apply

  • Apply or reapply to the graduate school online at Apply Online.
  • Provide official transcripts (if other than MSU) to the admissions office. This is required before admission can proceed.
  • Arrange to take the GRE, including the GRE writing test, by calling 940-397-4676 or going to GREwebsite
  • For further information, contact Kym Acuna at (940) 397-6220.