Masters of Arts in Training and Development

COUN 5103 Professional Orientation
COUN 6013 Human Relations
EDUC 5053 Introduction to Educational Research
EDUC 5513 Introduction to Training and Development
EDUC 5523 Trends and Issues in Training and Development
EDUC 5533 Instructional Strategies for Adult Learners
EDUC 5543 Instructional Systems Design
EDUC 5583 Graduate Internship in Training and Development
ETEC 5103 The Computer as a Tool
ETEC 5143 Multimedia Development I
COUN 5373 Human Resource Development Ethical Issues
COUN 6943 Graduate Seminar in Human Resource Development
Electives: Six (6) semester hours of electives must be approved in advance by the program
coordinator for training and development.
*Students who pass the Technology Proficiency Assessment may substitute a course with the consent
of the program coordinator for training and development.